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Terms of Use

Welcome to, a free service from at K Real Estate By using our Services, you agree to be bound by the following terms of use ("Terms of Use").

1. Personal Use: Our site is for your personal use. Realtors® and lending professionals may provide information to consumers via the Services, including email, SMS, and phone. Without limitation, lending professionals and institutions are prohibited from using the Services in making any loan-related decisions. You may copy information from the Services only as necessary for your personal use. No reproduction, modification, display, decomposition, or reverse engineering is allowed.

2. Restrictions and Additional Terms. You agree not to remove or modify any copyright or other intellectual property notices that appear in the Services. No replication or re-use of any kind is permitted.

3. Automation. Legitimate, public-facing search engines may crawl the site for the sole purpose of indexing content for display in search results. No other automation is permitted, including but not limited to: scraping, robots, spiders, or any other programmatic activity. Search engines are prohibited from indexing information protected by our security verification systems which limit access to logged-in human users.

4. Google Maps. Some content is courtesy of the Google Maps API. Any use of Google Maps is subject to Google's terms which can be found at

5. Communication. may contact you via email, phone, or SMS, along with its service providers or other third party partners and affiliates. Some communication may be delivered through third party services. You may unsubscribe at any time. It is further understood that your action of unsubscribing applies only to

6. Your Information. You affirm that the data provided is factual and accurate. No misrepresentations may be made, including but not limited to: providing false identification, providing a phone number which you do not own, providing an email address which is not yours, or deliberately entering information that belongs to other people.

7. Privacy. Your information is kept private, and will not be sold, shared, distributed, or passed in any way to unrelated third parties not affiliated with

8. Loan calculator. A loan calculator is provided for your convenience and in no way represents an offer to lend money for any purposes. The calculator may only be used to provide your self-assessed payment estimates. Payment estimates may or may not include taxes, interest, insurances, homeowners association dues, mortgage insurance premiums, transfer fees, or any other real estate related fees, costs, payments, or closing costs.

9. Licenses. Some content is displayed under license or terms of use, including but not limited to: all MLS data and any other photos, images, web design, scripts, servers, databases, and site content.

10. Copyright. All content on is subject to US Copyright law.

11. Accuracy. No claims or representations are made regarding the accuracy of site content. Buyers and Sellers of real estate are required to assess the accuracy of all statements and claims made on and Clientopoly, LLC make no representations and offer no warranties regarding the merchantability, liens, conditions, encumbrances, access to website, and storage of data generated through All risk regarding accuracy, performance, and quality are expressly disclaimed by and Clientopoly, LLC.

12. Agency. No agency agreement is offered or entered into until all parties have signed a written agency agreement as required by law in the governing state of Provider's real estate license.

13. Cookies. employs the use of browser cookies to improve your experience on our website. No personally identifying information is stored in cookies. Your email address may be used as a unique identifier for the purposes of creating a unique experience and providing more features through our website.

14. Links. All links are provided without endorsement. makes no claims and offers no warranties regarding the content, accuracy, products, services, or any other information or actions by external web sites.

15. Intellectual Property. All services are the property of Clientopoly, and are subject to the intellectual property rights of Clientopoly and its licensors. ©2008-2024 Clientopoly, LLC. All rights reserved. Map data ©Google. All rights reserved. Patents pending. Other content provided under license. You may not use any of's and Clientopoly's trademarks, logos, images, business name or content as part of your email address, web sites, print material, or any communication or advertising.

16. Liability. Under no circumstances shall or Clientopoly,LLC be liable for any damages, including but not limited to any real or perceived damages based on your use of this web site under any circumstances.

17. Agreement. If you disagree with any of the terms or conditions, your sole remedy is to discontinue use of our services.

18. Real Estate License. is affiliated with a licensed Realtor® in the Realtor's® governing state of licensure.

19.Changes. may make changes, without notice, to its services at any time, including new features, discontinuation of services, or deletion of data. Continued use of our services shall constitute agreement to any such changes.

20. Convenience. All site content is provided for your convenience. You agree to seek the professional advice of licensed professionals in the appropriate governing state.

21. Marketing. No unaffiliated person, company, corporation or entity may use any information provided on this site by Clientopoly, or any third party provider for the purposes of marketing products, services, or goods.

22.Size and Price per Unit of Measure. Any and all information regarding size or price per unit of measure is provided as a courtesy estimate. You are advised to seek the professional advice of a licensed appraiser in the appropriate state of governance under any and all circumstances.

23.Third Party Fees. Your use of mobile phone voice, internet, and SMS/MMS data is subject to the terms of your contract or agreement(s) with third party provider(s). and Clientopoly, LLC are not responsible, nor will they compensate or reimburse you in any way for your personal data usage. You are responsible to monitor and adjust the usage of any such services, including all data, email, SMS, MMS, and voice agreements with your provider. You may unsubscribe or manage your notifications from at any time. We will comply with unsubscribe requests immediately in most cases and send you one notice to confirm the unsubscribe action for your security.

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