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Privacy Policy

Welcome to, a free service from at K Real Estate. By using our Services, you agree to be bound by the following Privacy Policy. respects your privacy, and does not sell, distribute, share, or otherwise pass your personal information to unrelated or unafiiliated third parties.

Social Media You may optionally post links to our site on various websites, blogs, print materials, or social media sites. Information you optionally provide to the public is not covered under our Privacy Policy. Please be aware that, due to the nature of real estate listings, you may provide a link to a web page that is not permanent and could become unavailable at any time.

Communication. may communicate with you via email, phone, MMS, SMS, or in person. Depending on your communication service providers, charges may apply for communication. does not charge for sending communication. You may unsubscribe from email and SMS at any time. All communication is governed by applicable state and US law.

Storage/Security Clientopoly, LLC has taken reasonable precautions with software and hardware to prevent unauthorized access. However, you may not store information related to social security, public identification numbers, bank accounts, credit cards, or any other information that, if accessed, could potentially cause harm, misuse, or emotional stress or other unintended consequences.

Collecting Information. When you use, we collect a variety of information to provide a better website experience and provide additional service on and off the site.

Cookies. employs the use of browser cookies. Cookies are tiny bits of information stored on your own computer. We use cookies to improve the usability of our site and to provide additional services, a better user experience, and some site functionality. You may disable cookies, but many of the features and finctionality of our site will not work without them or may function improperly. Cookies are additionally used to store non-personally-identifying information for the purpose of prividing you with an enhanced user experience.

Logs. Your computer or mobile device sends non-personal information about you to servers, including the availability of Javascript, cookies, operating system, browser, IP address, pages you visit, timestamps, and more. uses this information to provide you with a better experience and to enhance the features of the site. One example of such use is the detection of a mobile device, in which case we may provide alternate content enhanced for speed and display on your device.

Information You Provide. When using our site and services, you may optionally provide information about yourself, such as name, address, phone number and e-mail. You may also register for additional free services provided by our site.

Disclosure may disclose information you provide and actions you take on the site to limited third parties that are directly affiliated with the professional services related to real estate and our website.

Legal Obligation If krealestateutah.comor,LLC is required to provide your information to law enforcement agencies, we will do so only to the extent permissable and required by law. Your information may also be disclosed to investigate any possible violations of the Terms Of Use.

Listing Data All listings are provided under license through one or more multiple listing services. If you would like to have your listing removed from our site, you may do so through your Realtor®, listing brokerage, and affiliated multiple listing service(s). In most areas this will result in your property listing being removed from all sites to which the multiple listing services or boards of Realtors® authorize the display of your listing data and images.

Aggregated Data Any information that is not personally identifying may be aggregated and shared with any third party. Aggregated data is not personally identifiable. Aggregated data is used to determine general trends in the real estate market, website trends, Google analytics, and other types of general website activity and trends.

E-mail and SMS Occasionally we may send you information about homes you've saved, price changes, new listings, or other related or helpful information related to your provided data, saved data, and site activity. You may opt out at any time. You should be aware that opting out may not be reversible. Additionally, you will not receive any notifications regarding price changes, new listings, or other real estate-related data when you unsubscribe.

Termination Your access to and specific features to the site may be terminated at any time at the sole discretion of the site owner or provider. Examples of possible termination scenarios include any violation of the Terms of Use.

Geolocation Geolocation is offered as an optional service to help you get directions, find nearby homes, and other features which help determine neighborhoods and areas that may be of more interest to you. Geocoordinates may be stored to enable these features.

Third Party Site is hosted and developed by Clientopoly, LLC. Our site is managed through via logged-in sessions by users with autorhized credentials. No public access is granted to any person or entity.

Less than 13 Years Old does not knowingly collect personally-identifiable information from anyone under the age of 13.

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